First Post. Nothing is set up, but okay!

I’ve never thought of writing a blog. For a short period a few years ago, we responded to posts by Brent Kendrick, our memoir writing professor, as he did research on a pet historical writer in South Carolina. Ages ago, and since then I’ve published a memoir and in the next week or two, my first novel. Elizabeth’s Story. So here we are. The book’s title was going to have a subtitle, If Truth Be Told, but that seemed to give away too much.

This blog site will be a place to retreat and reflect. A little more public and reserved than my journal, but here we go. I can’t get many of the edit features to work, and I’m sure that will all come with time. Perhaps you know Elizabeth already, from class or from a conversation we’ve had. Or you’ve heard about her elsewhere. Or maybe she called you direct. She is alive and kicking, strung between mad about Billy adding to her story and honored that she’s finished her part. For the time being.

I hope that you are writing. And giving life to these beings, so needy and afraid. Like I used to be.

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