Proof copy on the way!

It’s the final proof copy, tracking notification came this afternoon, after a day’s delay. Elizabeth’s Story wrapped between the covers. It’s an exciting moment, first novel, lots of writing and journaling, and the story swimming in my head and heart for a couple of years. All the connections, all the life-energy, contradictions, sudden moments, and connections upon connections. I give thanks for being alive, even if in a world of distrust and tribal chants. Elizabeth wouldn’t know what to do, the threat of collapse all around. But Kathryn would. And my real-life California Kathryn does know, day to day, how to stand up for what’s most important. How to be counted. The silence is more dangerous than the threat of jack-boots. Kathryn’s translation from the German, The White Rose, tells it all. I feel some days that we are in a similar moment, a repeat of sorts, the cloud of reprisal for well-intentioned debate or well-informed Constitutional demand.

3 thoughts on “Proof copy on the way!

  1. Excellent, Boss! And thanks for the note. There were six minor revisions, all clear improvements, but not typos or such. It’s the final proof, even though I could probably find more ‘word flow’ adjustments to make in any reading from here on forward. Elizabeth has gone to bed, Billy is in the writer’s shed, the Gate, and I am satisfied.


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