UPS and Final Proof Copy

Yesterday was all about UPS and the lost proof! More accurately, it was all about waiting. Knowing the UPS truck would pull into the drive lane and dogs would bark, defending the household from any encroachment. Nothing, until a ding on the email account that the book had been delivered. I had been checking tracking all day. It was here, except I had not heard UPS nor postal delivery, which sometimes includes UPS packages, off-loaded at the post office. Unlikely in this case, but who knows? The notice said that the package had been left on the porch. My porch is enclosed and that’s where I had spent the previous two or three hours, waiting. My ham shack, computer, writing space, and quiet retreat. Except for the dogs whenever anyone visited. No book. I checked the garage. No book. I drove to the mailbox. The first time, no mail. The second time, an hour later, ordinary mail and of course, the obvious. No book.

I called UPS and they promised a quick resolution, or at least a call back. The first call came from South Carolina, that the package was there, in the distribution center. Double-checked the tracking number, and theirs didn’t match mine, nor the auto parts supply store return address on the package. Not my delivery.

The second call was from Tennessee and likewise the wrong thing, and finally a call from Front Royal, the caller saying she had talked with the driver and he recalled leaving the book. Clearly. On the porch. Mountain View Road. He was willing to drive back and verify it. House number 452. Our house is 432. I had never heard of other house numbers, so I drove all the way up the lane and then back. The abandoned turkey farmers’ house. A faded 452 on the end of the building and a lonely flat cardboard package on the porch. Confirmed. A book. From Amazon, South Carolina. Well, anyway. Relief on top of incredible frustration. Making it a great day, in retrospect.

I checked on the six revisions I had requested, all in place, so I clicked on “approved!” Done, and now it was actually over. The first real let-down on top of victory. Over. In the hands of other folks, fickle choices and some fun reading it here and there. Done. Something seemed to have flown away.

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