A Story Once Told

Elizabeth completed her story. She and Billy weighed its completion after he returned from Denmark. The missing pieces, the additions, both intended and not. And some midnight surprises. Elizabeth’s story does not continue, yet it might expand and gather texture and strength. Believability. And truth.

It’s unlikely that Elizabeth will return to Virginia. It doesn’t really matter. Donner was lonely at home anyway, perhaps even more so than Elizabeth, though he never found a way to express his pointless solitude. For now, Elizabeth is in California, in comfortable and forgiving surroundings. She will share in the good fortune of Billy’s presence in Kathryn’s garden shed. Billy will write. He will also learn more about the garden gate, its invitation.

The story grows, as hungry souls return to the garden, to take up one search or another. For meaning and closure. Completion. I will try to gather them gently, and encourage them to be hopeful. And kind. Their stories, flowing from Elizabeth’s Story.

Each fortnight, beginning April 14, I will post a 500-word next step in the narrative. Toward completion of Elizabeth’s story, tying up loose threads. There is so much more to know, or at least to hope. And to believe. If you ask about inconsistencies and contradictions, things unclear or incomplete, I will try to settle them. Or include them in a fresh reality. Elizabeth’s Story.

2 thoughts on “A Story Once Told

  1. Thanks, Morgan, for such a promising post! I love your line: “The story grows, as hungry souls return to the garden, to take up one search or another.” Count me in. Come April 14 and every fortnight thereafter, I shall return to the garden!


  2. Perfect. The hunger to know the future, yet return to the warmest pup’s den. Elizabeth’s dilemma and Billy’s quest. April 14 will give me a chance to explain it in public, too. Before I set out again. A going away party, maybe? Bethlehem?


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