New Chapters

The gathering at Lord Fairfax Community College on Friday, April 7 was a wonderful concluding event in Elizabeth’s story, sharing with many friends and colleagues, and one or two plainly curious souls. I cannot express the gratitude I felt toward those who came. The meeting gave me a special sense of completion. Unfortunately, I did not share the threads and reflections and shadows which greeted me in the hallway after everyone had left. The things I didn’t feel comfortable talking about during that celebratory moment.

Elizabeth’s Story unfolded in essays, chapters, journal entries and daydreams over the course of almost two years. The characters contributed along the way, the story grew, changing in direction and tone, and surprises dictated the day as much as did any of the several authors’ intent. The book became solid, cast in print during the final week of March or first week of April, 2017. In any case, somewhere spanning a symbolic April 1.

I have to report that the story has gained some new momentum and urgency, not all welcome, and certainly not planned. It would have been more convenient and comfortable to close out the book and begin a new project. Yet the characters have hung around Kathryn’s home. And some have come in the night. More specifically, to the garden gate and the path to the work shed. They are not content to let the story rest. They feel there are some unanswered questions, some feelings of betrayal, some nagging fears. And luckily, some curiosity. And hope.

To deal with this, I have written parts of eight new chapters in Elizabeth’s Story. Or closely related to her story. Partial answers to questions left hanging for the careful and curious. And I will be glad to share them, if any reader is interested. Regardless of any response to my offer, I will post the first of the reports, in brief narrative, perhaps five hundred words, this coming Friday, April 14. Following that, I will post another five hundred word narrative each fortnight, or until the parties involved are satisfied there is nothing more worth saying. Perhaps the summer will shed enough light on the matter to put it to rest.

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