Coming full circle

I attended a benefit gathering yesterday evening at the fire hall in Stanley. The dinner and the company were excellent. A fine cause, community good will, and special folks at the table. A blessing to be a guest. As the meeting came to a close, a woman approached me and said that she had seen the article in the newspaper about the book. She was excited to get a copy. She said the title of the book was a real coincidence. One of the sub-themes in the book. Elizabeth’s Story. She felt there was no shortage of coincidence in this world, as her name was Elizabeth, too. Mary Elizabeth. But even more coincidental, her mother’s name was also Elizabeth, and together with her maiden name, her mother’s connection with timeless coincidence was complete. Mary Elizabeth’s mother’s maiden name was Story. Hence Elizabeth Story. Elizabeth’s Story. Validation.

This evening Mike from the Tractor Supply called, reminding me that I had told him months ago that I was working on a second book, the novel. He had read my first book and we discussed it at length several months ago. Talked about stories. Everyone’s true nature. Sojourners and tale-bearers. This week the local paper carried a generous article about Elizabeth’s Story, and Mike wondered if I would autograph his copy. I asked Elizabeth, as she is close by these days. “Absolutely,” without hesitation. I completed the eight chapter ideas this week, the collection forming a portfolio of this year’s writing. So far. The final entry was revelation. A voice from the past, in the form of a conversation between Elizabeth and Kathryn. Look for it, as the ideas unfold. Every other Friday. As promised.   

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